Tienda online

It is so important for us to provide our students an academic education with excellence, giving them the necessary tools to become professional musicians, as well as values, wisdom, growth and spiritual maturity that only the study of the word provides, and turns our students into worshipers. We want to be recognized as the school with highest academic level and by having studied at FA Worship represents the best letter of recommendation for our graduates.

FA Worship offers a comprehensive musical preparation program designed to develop

the natural talent of each student. Each subject is adapted according to the student's

age and knowledge level, creating groups of no more than 6 students/classroom,

guaranteeing maximum results. Children and adults are all welcome.

FA Worship currently has 3 main locations in Miami: Iglesia de Dios Kendall, Vida Nueva

and Camino al Cielo. If you can not bring your children to one of our locations,

we invite you to learn more about our Mobile Program.