"Hear His calling and worship Him
with Excellence".
Full Program
(7 yrs and Up      2 hrs / Week)
FAworship offers a comprehensive musical
preparation program designed to develop the natural talent of each student. Each subject is adapted according to the student's age and knowledge level, creating 
groups of no more than 6 students/classroom, guaranteeing maximum results.
Instrument instruction:
Guitar, Drum, Piano, Voice, Percussion and Electric Bass.
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Early Music Program
(3 - 4 yrs old      1 hr / Week)
Early Music is a group class designed to stimulate in our "Little Levites" the development of creativity, imagination, and motor coordination. By immersing them in a healthy sound world, we help them to form both their worshiping spirit and their mind.
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Toddler Music Program
(5 - 6 yrs old   -   1 hr / Week)
This Program is designed to provide our students with the necessary practical and theoretical bases for the understanding and interpretation of music. 
FA Worship "Mobile School"
If you can not bring your children to our Institute,
we will bring our Institute to you!
We know your limitations as parents for your children
to enroll in after school activities. For this reason, if you can not bring your children to our Institute, we will bring our Institute to your children. 

I am extremely blessed and honored to have my daughter be a part of "FA Worship" The instructors are loving, effective and knowledgeable in all they do. They are helping my little one blossom into a beautiful worshipper of God and bringing to light a wonderful talent. Thank you, FA Worship. You are all an answered prayer.


—  Carlos and Jessica Salazar

Mobile School
If you can not bring your children to our Institute, 
we will bring our Institute to you!
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